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Get ready to channel your inner artist with Tysons Art Center!

At Tysons Art Center, our mission is to inspire creativity, foster technique, and cultivate fine art skills.  Our experienced instructors guide students through various techniques and mediums, from sketching to painting and more. 

Artists of all levels are welcome to join!

Fine Art Classesfor kids and teens

Summer Camp

AGES 5-17

1.5 hours each class, Once a week

Sibling Discount Available

$140/month, Supplies Included





Class Schedule

MON. 4:00-5:30

mon. 4:30-6:00

TUE. 4:00-5:30

TUE. 4:30-6:00

TUE. 5:00-6:30

WED.  4:00-5:30
WED.  4:30-6:00

WED.  5:00-6:30



THU. 5:00-6:30


FRI. 4:00-5:30
FRI. 4:30-6:00 


SAT. 10:00-11:30 

SAT. 12:00-1:30



Call or Text us at 703.717.8099

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