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Fall and Spring Class Schedule

SAT. 9:50-11:50 Start Date. 9/14/19
SAT. 12:00-2:00 Start Date. 9/14/19

Please contact us if interested.

A limited number of seats available.







Call or Text us at 703.717.8099

Ready to exercise your artistic abilities in the digital realm?


We're happy to add digital art classes to our schedule! Students will learn how to use Photoshop from the very basics of photo editing all the way to advanced level digital painting. Photoshop is powerful tool used by professionals in industries ranging from photography, advertisement, graphic design, video game, and more. Students will have the oppurtunity to explore Photoshop and its capabilities in relation to many of the industries which use it. If you have a budding game designer who loves coming up with their own characters, a young photographer looking to take their shots to the next level, or perhaps a creative who's ready to add another artistic tool to their arsenal then this class is for them!


2 hours each class, Once a week

Multi-month/Sibling Discount Available

$180/month, All Supplies Included

dIGITAL Art Classes

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