Online Art Class

  • Session duration

             60-75 minutes

  • Fees

 $20 per class/$15 Siblings (once a week)

 $15 per class (twice or more classes a week)

  Applied monthly, cancel anytime and we will receive a refund for the remaining classes.



1:00 pm, K-2nd Grade

2:30 pm, 3rd-5th Grade

4:00 pm, 3rd-5th Grade ←NEW



1:00 pm, 6th Grade and Up‎

2:30 pm, 3rd-5th Grade‎

4:00 pm, K-2nd Grade‎



2:00 pm, 3rd-5th Grade‎

3:30 pm, K-2nd Grade‎

5:00 pm, 6th Grade and Up‎


2:00 pm, K-2nd Grade‎

3:30 pm, 3rd-5th Grade‎



10:00 am, K-2nd Grade‎

11:30 am, 3rd-5th Grade‎

1:30 pm, 6th Grade and Up‎

Please note: We've added additional classes

This is how it works.

  • We will pick a drawing/topic for each session.

  • Kids will be able to raise hands, ask questions, and see other students.

  • We will first be using just pencils for now but students are welcome to color their sketches. 

  • We will be adding classes using different mediums in the near future.

  • You don't need supplies listed below to start.  You just need a pencil and eraser.

  • List of supplies-You can use any pencil, paper, pastels, colored pencils you may have at home.   

Oil Pastels-HERE

Colored pencils- HERE

Pencil And Eraser-HERE


                               We will be adding additional supplies if necessary. 

  • Though we have separate classes for different age groups, you can join any sessions.

  •  You can register HERE       or

  • We can email you the list of classes with the time and day.

              Please reply to the email with the 

              Name of the student

              Day and time of the classes he/she will be participating.

  •  You can sign up for multiple classes.

  • Just like our art classes, please pick the days and times of the classes that would recur weekly.

  • Maximum number of student per class: 6

  • You can cancel anytime.                


  • Joining the Zoom online class is very easy, and you don’t need to register.

          If you are using a tablet, the Zoom app is available to download.

          You will receive an email invitation from us.

         Click on the link in the email (join via PC, Mac, iOS or Android)

          You will be taken to the class.


           Web Browser

          Go to

          Enter your meeting ID provided by the host/organizer.


           How to join a meeting on 

Please do not hesitate to call us at 703.717.8099 or email us at with any questions you might have.